Straight Hair – What You Should Know About It

Straight Hair

There are so many people today with naturally straight hair-it’s actually not really hard to find them. Personally, I have a lot of friends that have it, and I really appreciate what I see because it’s so amazing that we all as human beings have different curl patterns of hair. My hair has really tight coils, so seeing someone with hair that isn’t as coily as mine, or isn’t even anywhere near that has left me really curious about it. Plus, I find it really cool.

I’m going to be diving into the secrets of straight hair and talking about how to maintain it. Every curl type deserves the honour of being explored, and I’m really excited to let you know just how far my curiousity has led me. I told myself that I was going to learn as much as possible about this hair type for my own satisfaction, but mainly to help those who have many questions about it and are struggling to take care of it. Enjoy!


Why Is It Straight?

A Woman With Straight Hair

You all probably have the idea that if any of your parents has straight hair, it only makes sense that you or any of your siblings (if you have any), would have straight hair too-which is right. It really comes down to genetics that determines whether you get straight hair or not, but it’s a bit more than parents passing on the genes. What really makes hair to be naturally straight? Let’s find out!

Before we get into the nitty-gritty of what really makes hair straight, let’s familiarize ourselves with some basic terms. First, the bulb of your hair is what basically forms the foundation of the hair follicle, and the name pretty much gives up its shape-it looks like a bulb. Your hair follicle is what your hair shoots out of-basically, it’s what produces your hair. Now, your hair- the lovely structure that sits on your head, is actually called the shaft.

The shape of the hair follicle plays a huge role in determining if your hair is straight or not. People with straight hair have hair follicles that are symmetrical and have a round shape. Those with curly hair have asymmetrical bulbs.

The shaft also determines how straight your hair is. It’s made of proteins which are held together by bonds. These bonds include disulfide bonds, which exist between the sulfur atoms in the protein composition. The amount of these bonds determines how straight or curly your hair is, with straight-haired people having the least amount.

There are three subcategories of straight hair. They are lettered a, b, and c. The first one-a, has the least number of curl patterns and is fine. The last one has the most number of curls and is coarse, therefore the middle one has something in-between. I find this interesting because while someone could fall into the straight-haired category, their hair might not be exactly straight, and these subdivisions show that clearly. Let’s have a look.

Type 1A

Type 1A Straight Hair

People with this have fine hair, and they have the straightest hair of all the three-no waves, nothing. In fact, it’s so straight that it’s actually not so common to find someone with it. Achieving this look would require a lot of people to use a hair straightener, which is just one of the reasons why these guys with type 1A hair are really lucky-they don’t even have to try.

Now, even though this subgroup is amazingly straight, it’s extremely difficult to get all curly. The funny thing is sometimes, they also try to get those waves, so really, the grass isn’t always greener on the other side.

Type 1B

Type 1B Straight Hair

This group is characterized with a medium texture. As I mentioned earlier, the b subgroup is somewhere in-between, and for people with this, that’s exactly the case.

The majority of people with straight hair actually fit here. Their hair isn’t perfectly straight as it could have some little bends toward the ends of the hair, but it’s still straight, for the most part. These people also find it really hard to hold some curls, but they’re at more luck than achieving it than their type 1A buddies. Plus, they’ve also got more volume than type 1A.

Type 1C

Type 1C Straight Hair

This hair texture is coarse, and even though getting it curled still proves difficult, it maintains a curl better than the other two. You can definitely see the bends on this one, and something that I find pretty cool is that they actually don’t need a curling iron to have a tousled look. They have it naturally, when their hair is dry. However, they could experience their hair getting all frizzy, so this subgroup of straight hair gets frizzy the most.

What are the Ups and Downs?

It’s no surprise that there are tons of people who crave the look of straight hair. Let’s see some reasons why;

  • Natural Sheen: The scalp produces sebum, which is able to get across all parts of the hair because there are no bumps in the way. This leaves it looking so shiny and beautiful without having to put anything on it.


  • Strength: This hair type proves to be pretty strong because the sebum is able to go round and therefore deliver nutrients to all parts of the hair. This makes it less prone to breakage. However, this doesn’t mean that they’re immune to having breakage.


  • Maintenance doesn’t need so much effort: Taking care of this amazing hair type doesn’t take up as much time as people with curly hair in terms of getting it washed, dried and ready to go, except they’re trying to get it curled- that’s a whole different story. It also doesn’t take too much to get it to look tidy.


  • Growth is more noticeable: Have you ever noticed that people with straight hair tend to have it grow faster? Even though it may seem like it, their hair’s actually growing at a normal rate, but because there are no curls or coils, it’s a lot easier to notice the growth. I think it’s actually pretty encouraging when it’s easy to tell just how much your hair has grown just by looking in the mirror, without having to get it stretched to see how far it has come.


Even though having straight hair is sought after by many people with other curl patterns, these people have their fair share of struggles and difficulties-issues that people with other hair types who want their hair to be straight so badly, probably don’t know about. Let’s talk about some of them;


  • Hair gets really oily easily: Simply because it’s very easy for the natural oils to spread throughout the hair, it tends to get really oily, which could turn out to be frustrating for most.


  • There isn’t a lot of volume: One other struggle for people with Type 1 hair, is not having volume. Their hair is usually flat, and for a lot of them, this is quite annoying.


  • Failing at achieving those curls: I’ve already talked about how difficult it is to get curls with this hair type. I can’t imagine spending so long to try to form lovely curls with a curling iron, only for them to just disappear-what about all the hard work? My friends with straight hair complain about this a lot, and honestly, I sympathize with them.


  • The hair gets boring: A lot of people feel like they can’t really do anything if their hair is straight, especially if they’re not so lucky with a curling iron. This could actually make some of them hate having their hair being straight-remember what I said about curly girls wanting straight hair? Such is life.


How to take care of it

It’s very important to figure out what works for your hair in terms of maintenance. Here are a few tips on how you could to take really good care of that gorgeous straight hair you have;

  • Wash it often, but don’t get crazy on it: It’s necessary to wash your hair often because of how oily it gets. However, it’s not advisable to do so every day because you’ll just be unnecessarily stripping your hair of its oils that are produced naturally. This would then cause even more of it to be produced, so it’s best to wash it every other day.


    • To get rid of all product buildup: Clarifying shampoos are your best bet. These shampoos are really good at cleaning your scalp and making sure that all the buildup from sweat, products and dirt are all taken care of, but they really strip your hair of the oils. This makes it look very dull and dry, so it’s best used once a month.


  • Use the right shampoo and conditioner: There are many kinds of shampoos out there, and the same goes for conditioners. However, it’s advisable that you get the ones that are suitable for straight hair, just so that you’re doing the best you can to maintain that lovely hair.


  • Put on as little products as possible: In the process of trying to style your hair, make sure that you’re not using too much product so that your hair isn’t weighed down. Choosing the right products comes in handy in this scenario. It’s possible that you could be using styling products that are not for your hair type, so even though you may not be using so much, they’re still not helping your hair the way you would want them to.


    • For more volume: You could try mousses and hairsprays that are designed to have the volumizing effect. You could also try volumizing shampoos and conditioners, but do remember that genes play a really strong role in determining how thick your hair could be, so these products can only do so much for you.


    • To get the curls to last as long as possible: Use a hairspray or a mousse that serves this purpose. For better results, use both, but don’t use too much. It’s strongly advisable to use a heat protectant when using a curling iron and a hair dryer, in the process of trying to get your hair curled. Nonetheless, you should be careful with these heating tools and use them as little as you can, to avoid heat damage.


    • Texturizing spray may be your new best friend: Many people are not too fond of hairsprays, and a very popular reason is how it just gets your hair all crispy and basically unable to move. Texturizing spray helps to improve the texture of your hair, giving it a really natural look without making your hair feel weighed down. It helps with giving your hair volume AND also lets the curls last a while, so it’s definitely a good option.


  • Say bye to split ends: All hair types experience split ends, but people with straight hair are more prone to it with one of the reasons being that they wash their hair a lot more often, which causes the ends to get dry. If you have this hair type, you should trim your hair every 4 or 5 weeks to maintain the health of your hair.


  • Struggling with static hair? Avoid plastic combs: Is your hair usually flying in different directions, sticking to your face, or even getting you shocked? If this is the case, then you have static hair. Almost everyone experiences static electricity especially during winter, but people with fine hair are more prone to it. Using a wooden comb would help a bit because it doesn’t generate static like plastic combs, and having your hair moisturized will help with this too.


  • Let your hair dry before you sleep: When your hair is wet, it’s vulnerable and prone to breakage. If you go to bed while it’s wet, it could cause your hair to get damaged because you could be doing a lot of tossing and turning that would be putting stress on your lovely strands. This means that you should make sure your hair is dry before you sleep.


Your Straight Hair Is Beautiful

Beautiful Straight Hair

If you have this hair type, you should love it and take as much care of it as you possibly can. Even though you have your own struggles, there are many ways that you can enjoy your hair. If you’re bored with it, you could always switch it up by trying styles like a bob, a fringe, or even having a side part. Your hair is beautiful, and I hope everything I have mentioned will be useful to you. Cheers!


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  1. My sister and my daughter always had long straight hair. I used to tease them about how long it would take to dry it 🙂 I never realized how much goes into taking care of your hair especially when it’s so long. You have so great tips for caring for your long hair. I will be recommending this article to them. Great work 🙂

  2. Definitely agree with your comment about the hair type 1a. I have this hair, and it will never hold a curl. But in saying that, I did make the mistake of getting a perm (yes back in the 80’s) and the hairdresser thought that my hair wouldn’t take very well, so used a stronger application. Result – me looking like a walking sheep.
    Great article, and some good advice that I will follow.

    • I’m really happy you found this helpful. I can’t even begin to imagine how your hair turned out after you got it permed. A walking sheep? That’s just hilarious. You must have been really shocked with the result.

  3. I really liked this article! I have type A for the most part so getting curls is really hard but always wanted to have wavy hair. I just think it’s really pretty but my mom has type C and her hair gets frizzy and hates her more natural curls and wishes she has hair like mine. I learned a lot from this and I’m glad I read it

  4. Fantastic article. My wife and 3 daughters have straight hair, my wife’s being the longest down to her rear. I shared this with her and she loved reading it. I myself didn’t know the different parts of your hair other than the roots. Thank you for this very informative article.

  5. The boredom with straight hair is real! I always thought that the trick to getting more volume and curl was more product. It never works but I keep falling into the trap of buying and trying the newest product and keeping my fingers crossed that this time it will work. I think I’ll try your way instead and cut back on product and let my hair be what it is and just focus on it being healthy.

    • I definitely understand what you mean. My friends with straight hair always tell me how boring their hair is and how they really wish they could get it to have more volume and curls. It’s very important to pay attention to the health of your hair, and putting on way too much product just weighs it down. You could try texturizing spray, because it not only gives your hair a bit more volume, but it also helps with the curls. If you’ve been using volumizing shampoos or hair sprays that may not have been working for you as you would love them to, I think you should definitely give the texturizing spray a try.

  6. I have to admit that I didn’t even realize there were three types of straight hair, but it was interesting to learn something new. Sorry if I missed you answer this, but are this hair types unisex or just for girls? My hair (I’m male) is curly now but it used to be a lot straighter; is this something that you’ve seen very often or not?

    • The different hair types apply to everyone, not just females. Someone’s curl pattern changing isn’t something I see a lot, but it does happen, so don’t think you’re alone. It has to do with the shape of your hair follicles changing, because that’s what is responsible for your hair being curly or straight. The reason why this happens isn’t known exactly. However, hormones have been thought of as contributors to this.

  7. My girlfriend also has straight hair and she always complains that her hair don’t have much volume. What do you recommend for her?

    • Has she tried any product for volume? If she hasn’t, then she might want to check volumizing shampoos or mousses. However, a texturizing spray would be her best bet. This helps with volume, and it doesn’t weigh down the hair. It also helps with curls, which is a bonus and would definitely be perfect for her, since she has straight hair.

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